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Nato Kavtaradze

Position: Lawyer, Barister
Joining the JUST Advisors team since 2022

  • Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities “Jurisprudence” of the Georgian Technical University - graduation in 2010.
  • Master's degree in “Corporate Law, LL.M” at Frankfurt University. Johann Wolfgang Goethe - graduation in 2018
  • PhD, Faculty of Law, IVANE JAVAKHISHVILI TBILISI STATE UNIVERSITY - specialization - capital market law - since 2019 - Researcher

Specialization: capital market law, corporate, tax, customs law Judicial representation: civil and administrative cases

Professional experience: legal experience since 2007 (more than 16) years, of which 4 years - at the German Equity Institute in Frankfurt.

Lawyer status: obtained in 2011 in civil and administrative cases

Lawyer number: 5218

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Languages: Georgian, German, English, Russian,

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