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Vyacheslav Ivanets

Position: Leading lawyer
Joining the JUST Advisors team since 2022

  • Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Law of Irkutsk State University — graduation in 1999.
  • Master’s degree in “Criminal Law and Procedure” at Baikal State University — graduation in 2002.

Specialization: commercial law, protection of the rights of journalists and NGOs, representation in litigation in international organizations, humanitarian law

Judicial representation: about 40 cases in the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg)

Professional experience: experience in legal practice since 1997. He worked at the Irkutsk Regional Bar Association and was president of the city bar association.

Lawyer status: obtained in 1999 in civil, administrative and criminal cases

Additional specialization: commercial law, international justice, claims for the return of children, .

Lawyer number: 38/317

Languages: Russian, English, Spanish

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