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Giorgi Zhuzhunashvili

Position: Partner, Barister
Member of the JUST Advisors team since 2020

  • Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Law of the Georgian Technical University - graduation in 2010.
  • Master's degree in public law, Eastern European University - graduation in 2023.

Specialization: tax, migration, international private law, IT Judicial representation: administrative, tax, migration, commercial, corporate

Professional experience: experience in legal practice since 2009. Worked in the Georgian Revenue Service and the Ministry of Finance, more than 10 years in the field of legal consulting and judicial representation.

Lawyer status: received in 2013 in civil, administrative and criminal cases, in 2022 - admission to conduct cases involving minors

Lawyer number: 8081

Page on the website of the Bar Chamber:

Languages: Russian, Georgian, English

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