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Features of traffic rules in Georgia, the most frequent violations and fines

Traffic rules in Georgia: features, the most common violations and fines, how and where to pay.
Anna Davidson, Founder and Managing Partner of JUST Advisors
December 20, 2022
Traffic rules in Georgia: features, the most common violations and fines, how and where to pay. Fines from video cameras for cars with foreign numbers. How paid parking works in Tbilisi.

Road traffic in Georgia

  • Georgia is a party to the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, which means that traffic lights, signs and signs are the same as in Europe. Driving on the right side, although there are both left-hand drive and right-hand drive cars on the roads.

  • There are no toll roads in Georgia yet. Asphalt pavement is mostly of good quality. Although sections of the tracks are often closed for repairs or reconstruction. The "Village roads" are different, it is better to have a good online route map on hand.

  • The Seat belts are mandatory for the driver and front passenger. For children under 7 years old, a car seat must be installed in the car. Children under 12 years old are transported in the back seat.

  • The speed limit is 100−110 km/h on expressways, 80−90 km/h (unless otherwise indicated) on suburban highways without settlements, and 60 km/h inside settlements. Many high mountain roads are closed in winter.

  • Georgia has strict regulations regarding drunk driving. The legal blood alcohol level is set at 0.03% (0.3 ppm). How much is it in glasses of wine or mugs of beer, it makes no sense to specify — everyone has their own metabolic rate.

  • The driver is not allowed to use a mobile phone while driving (one of the most common violations, as well as an unfastened seat belt), even to refine navigation. Use a dedicated headset or speakerphone.

  • There are enough police on the roads, speed cameras are installed throughout the country. If you are driving a rented car, fines from the cameras will be transferred to the agent, they are paid upon delivery of the car.

What a foreigner needs to know about traffic rules in Georgia

When driving a vehicle, a 100-point system of fines for traffic violations works. It applies to both Georgian rights and foreign ones. 100 points is the limit of demerit points per driver’s license for the period from January 1 to January 1 (calendar year) or less if you started using a driver’s license after January 1 (for example, entered the country or received a license in the middle of the year). For each violation (except for parking rules), a certain number of points are deducted. If the driver collects all 100 fines during the specified period (until January 1), the license will be canceled and the exam will have to be retaken. Penalty points are reset to zero in the new calendar year.

In the event of a traffic accident, the owner/driver of the vehicle is obliged to immediately report it to the patrol police. Since in Georgia patrols run around the city all the time, it will not take long for the guards to wait. But if the wait is prolonged, in case of an traffic accident, you must call the Public Safety Control Center — "112", a single emergency number — and remain on the spot unless there is an urgent need to deliver the owner/driver of the vehicle to a medical facility or transport the victim.

The victim must apply in writing to the center/insurer with a request to receive insurance compensation no later than 60 calendar days after the occurrence of the insured event and provide all necessary documents.

Violations and fines

The most common types of violations on the roads in Georgia and the amounts of fines:

Traffic violations in Georgia and fines

How and where to pay

The violations in Georgia are recorded in two ways: by video cameras (notification of a fine is sent to a mobile phone, a receipt will be sent at the place of residence) or by traffic police (a protocol is drawn up, a receipt for payment is issued on the spot). In no case do not try to "figure out" and pay the fine on the spot, the consequences can be very serious.

The violator is obliged to pay the fine after receiving a copy of the decision on the fine, if the protocol is drawn up on the spot within 30 days. If a violation is captured by a camera, the information usually enters the system within a week (although this is not spelled out in the law). The payment term is the same — 30 days. If you pay the fine after receiving the message within 10 days, the amount of the fine is reduced by 20%.

If the fine is not paid on time, the violator will be fined twice the amount of the fine, but not more than 500 GEL. If the fine and interest are not paid, the driver’s license will be automatically suspended for 61 days until the full amount is paid. After payment, the rights of the violator will be restored.
Information about fines can be found here
You can pay the fine through any bank branch or street terminal. Passport data (name, surname, personal number), number, date and series of the relevant individual administrative legal act or court decision issued on the imposition of an administrative fine are provided. If there are outstanding fines, foreigners may be denied exit from Georgia until the fulfillment of obligations.

Paid parking in Tbilisi

There is very heavy traffic in Tbilisi. Therefore, in order to somehow unload the city from traffic jams, the city authorities introduced a zone parking system a few years ago. At first, it operated in the Vake and Saburtalo regions. In 2022, Mtatsminda (city center with Freedom Square), Chugureti and Didube were added to them.

The zones are marked with a tow truck sign and a plate with a number: the letter A + 3 digits. The hourly cost of parking for cars of category A is 1 GEL. In order to use the service, you need to download the Tbilisi parking application, register, find yourself on the map and enter the number indicated on the sign (do not forget to enter the application again when you leave). Another option is to pay through a street terminal. You can check the information in the nearest information stall.

The fine for parking without paying for parking on the streets where the sign hangs is 50 GEL. The presence of registration in the application or a subscription purchased through the terminal is checked by the parking staff. Cars with Russian numbers are also fined. Residents of the nearest houses (owners of real estate within a radius of 100 m) are exempted from payment, subject to registration of the car.

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