Comprehensive Accounting Services For Businesses

Accounting support: maintaining accounting and tax records, preparing and submitting tax, financial, and statistical reports, tax planning, consultations with a tax lawyer
What is included in the service?

Accounting (Oris, Balance, financial report)
Declarations, reports

Preparation and submission of tax returns, financial reports, reports to statistical agencies
Primary documents

Preparation and processing of primary documents (invoices, deeds)
Tax calculation and planning
Considering various types of activities and working with foreign suppliers and contractors (accounting for double taxation and reclaiming VAT), preparation and submission of tax declarations
Calculation and payment of salaries and other payments
We ensure the calculation and timely payment of salaries and other mandatory payments
Representation of interests

Representing the client's interests at the Revenue Service, commercial banks, and customs service
Restoration of Accounting and Tax Audit Preparation
Internal audit, accounting restoration, verification of tax calculations and declaration accuracy, assessment of liability risks, submission of revised declarations, preparation for tax audits
Management accounting

Maintenance of management financial reporting in accordance with the form agreed upon with the client
Express tax reporting audit
We will analyze the reporting and assess its condition, identify potential errors or problematic issues, and provide recommendations for their correction
Consultations on taxation and accounting
Individual recommendations and strategies on taxation and accounting that align with your needs and goals

"Only death and taxes are inevitable" ©. We approach the first philosophically, while we professionally calculate the latter for your peace of mind and comfort

As an independent branch within the structure of JUST Advisors, a specialized division has been established, fully dedicated to comprehensive management of companies' and sole proprietors’ accounting, tax, and financial records.

We work in close partnership with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and to develop customized accounting and reporting strategies that meet their requirements.

Our team possesses deep expertise in accounting, tax law and financial accounting, and we continuously monitor changes in legislation and business practices to provide our clients with up-to-date and competent support.

Your business will be served by professional accountants, tax consultants, and lawyers

You can submit a request or contact us in any way convenient for you
We discuss your current goals and objectives, and your business development tasks
Together, we determine the most suitable set of accounting services that you require on a regular basis
We create a personalized subscription service package and, together, discuss and develop an action plan
We discuss additional packages that you can switch to in the future and one-time legal services that can be provided upon request
We enter into an agreement, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and assign to you an accountant, tax consultant, and lawyer
We start work maintaining constant online communication in accordance with the tasks and needs that have been identified
Comprehensive Legal services
JUST Advisors also provides comprehensive legal services for companies. Our team of lawyers and experienced accountants collaborates with tax consultants and auditors, ensuring double protection for your business
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