Legal Check Up

We help to protect your business from legal risks and provide clear advice on how to operate legally
◾️ Analysis of the existence of labour contracts and their compliance with legislation
◾️ Checking the Client’s compliance with regulations on workplace safety
◾️ Checking the Client’s compliance with legislation on personal data protection
◾️ Checking compliance with legislation on labour migrants

*depending on the number of employees
Term: 10 working days
◾️ Checking your charter and corporate documents for compliance with the law
◾️ Check your director’s agreement
◾️ Analysing compliance with corporate procedures

*depending on the form and date of company registration
Term: 10 working days
◾️ Checking business contracts for legal execution

*depending on VAT status and date of company registration
Term: 10 working days
◾️ Analysing compliance with administrative procedures
◾️ Checking the necessary permits, approvals and licences
◾️ Identification of risks and recommendations on their minimisation

*depending on VAT status
Term: 10 working days
◽️ Includes all types of CheckUp at the same time

*Special price — 15% discount on the cost of each type of CheckUp
Term of service 15 working days
◽️ Includes all CheckUp types consecutively for 6 months from the first CheckUp

*Special price - 10% discount on the price of each CheckUp
Term of service 15 working days


The business in Georgia is associated with regulatory and administrative control of business activities. Ignorance or non-compliance with the law can lead to various legal difficulties and financial losses.

JUST Advisors has been specialising in providing legal services to Georgian companies for over 5 years and knows the practical "pains" of businesses. We understand that there is not always time and resources for comprehensive legal services, but we are sure that business, as a living organism, requires regular checks and preventive maintenance. That is why we offer a service - Legal Check Up. We provide a comprehensive and professional check-up of your business in terms of current legislation, identify risks and weaknesses and provide practical solutions to address them. Our experts will help you gain confidence in the legality of your actions, avoid losses and save your nerves.

Fill in the request form on the website or contact us in any other convenient way
We discuss your tasks and suggest the best option of Legal Check Up
Conclude a contract, sign an NDA
Request necessary documents and information about your business
Conduct a check up
Provide a written report describing the results of the check-up, assessing the identified risks and recommendations on how to eliminate or minimise them.
  • Benefits for business

  • Minimising risks

    Identifying and fixing potential legal problems before they occur
  • Saving time and resources

    Preventing future legal disputes and conflicts, saving time and money for the company
  • Increasing the company’s reputation:

    Demonstrating the legality and transparency of the business, building trust with partners and clients
  • Protection from fines

    Prevention of fines and penalties for law violations
  • Confidence in the business

    Ensuring business compliance with legislation for its stable growth

Results of JUST Advisors experts

The company was incorporated in Georgia in 2022, operates in the IT sector and is the part of the international holding company. It has more than 60 employees, mostly foreigners. The company actively co-operates with foreign customers and contractors.
To provide a full legal check of the company’s activities. First of all, labour relations and tax consequences of contracts with foreign contractors.

To identify risks of violation of Georgian legislation and possible prosecution.

High number of foreign employees and partners, which increases the risk of legal errors in documentation and contracts.
Legal Check Up's process
We conducted comprehensive analysis of employment contracts and documents on dismissal of employees for compliance with the Labour Code of Georgia and the practice of the Labour Inspectorate and court practice
Researched the issue of registration of foreign migrants
We analysed civil law contracts with foreign customers and contractors for their compliance with the Civil Code of Georgia and international legislation provisions
Audited tax liabilities in terms of refundable VAT and withholding tax for compliance with the provisions of the Georgian TC and SIDN
The company will be able to minimise the risks of being held liable for violations of labour and tax legislation by following the recommendations: there was a risk of receiving a fine of 15,000 ₾

◾️ Bring labour contracts in accordance with the Labour Code of Georgia
◾️ Conclude all labour contracts in Georgian and English language
◾️ Register foreign workers
◾️ Request tax residency certificates from foreign contractors

The restaurant is registered in 2019. The staff consists of Georgian citizens and foreign employees.
To do a complete legal check of the company’s activities: labour relations, compliance with administrative procedures, correct execution of contracts with suppliers, compliance with social media advertising legislation.

Identification of risks of violation of Georgian legislation and possible prosecution.
Legal Check Up's process
We made analyses of corporate documents
Reviewed labour contracts, employee registration on the website of the Revenue Service and the Ministry of Labour
Analysed compliance with administrative procedures
Checked contracts with suppliers. Reviewed the company's social networks
The company together with JUST Advisors experts fixed the identified violations, eliminating the risk of prosecution for violation of labour and administrative laws for a total amount over 25,000 ₾

◾️ Ensure that labour contracts and employee registrations are in place
◾️ Bring the Charter in line with the law, go through the re-registration procedure
◾️ Negotiate with suppliers, modify contracts with them
◾️ Sign up in the register of economic operators, conclude a contract with a safety specialist, implement HACCP


Answers to frequent questions

The service is effective for companies that have full-time employees and whose activities are related to compliance with administrative procedures or have taxation specifics.
Comprehensive Legal services
JUST Advisors also provides comprehensive legal services for companies. Our team of lawyers and experienced accountants collaborates with tax consultants and auditors, ensuring double protection for your business
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