Protection International

Protection International is the possibility of obtaining the protection of one's rights and legitimate interests outside the State that has refused legal assistance, in accordance with the principles and rules of international law, or the possibility of obtaining protection of one's rights from a State, where unfounded criminal charges against the individual have been initiated.
Right to protection in Georgia
You have appealed to national courts, but the action wasn't granted. This is a common situation where the judicial system is ineffective in its decisions.
Our lawyers have significant experience in defending the rights and legitimate interests of persons facing such problems. We will use our necessary expertise of international law and case management experience at the European Court of Human Rights (more than 40 successful cases) to get justice for you.
INTERPOL Red Notices Removal
Your name was posted into INTERPOL's database. You just found out INTERPOL Red Notice is an international warrant issued by INTERPOL at the request of a national government. Once issued, all 195 members are obliged to assist in locating and provisionally arresting the subject of the INTERPOL Red Notice.
Our qualified attorneys have experience in the removal of INTERPOL's Red Notices. We can help to mitigate the risk of your exposure once you presume you may be a Red Notice subject wanted by INTERPOL.
Humanitarian Status in Georgia
You are the person seeking asylum or in need of humanitarian protection in Georgia, but you have faced a barriers in legislation and difficulties in proving your basis for desired status.
Our team provides the professional support in obtaining refugee status or humanitarian protection. We will assist you in preparing the necessary migration documents and effectively bring the case to the migration authorities. With us the process becomes clear and predictable.

Customer fulfills an application on the site or contacts us in other way
We discuss the case and offer the optimal package of services
We conclude the contract and sign NDA agreement
We request and analyze the necessary documents and information about your case
We prepare to submit an application and the necessary appendixes and send it to the ECtHR (or to the CF INTERPOL, depending on the content of your application) and, as your lawyer, correspond with the institution until the positive result of the examination
We are preparing to submit the case for humanitarian status (or refugee) of Georgia, we guide you at all stages: from the filing of documents to the receipt of an identity card

International protection — Appeal to the European Court
Price on request
— Advising on the continuation of a challenge to international institutions against decisions of domestic courts, for example, in case of infringement of the rights of the customer by a delay and length of the court proceedings

— Examining the judicial records, tracking down the practice of applying relevant articles of international law, assessing the prospects of recourse to international institutions (UN or ECtHR)

— Preparation and submission of an application for international protection, correspondence with the Court or other body, database monitoring, submission of additional evidence, if necessary — present a case during court proceedings

— Execution of the judgement, application for review of domestic court decisions
International protection — Humanitarian status
Price on request
— Advising on the prospects of applying to the Migration Department for refugee status or humanitarian protection

— Submission of documents for the individual case for granting of asylum or humanitarian protection, together with documents concerning that the complainant been prosecuted on political or other grounds and other evidence translated into Georgian

— Appealing the refusal of the government to grant asylum in Georgian courts

  • Advantages

  • Our analysis of expediency consideration of legal recourse

    We do not take on cases in which there is no prospect. Our level of expertise allows the client to make informed decisions on the continuation and termination of the legal case.
  • Advices from our experts, based on the analysis of your individual case

    Effectively supplement and reformat the evidence in the pack or seek additional evidence.
  • Our contacts with international human rights organizations

    We speed up the process of obtaining positive opinions addressed to relevant bodies, for example, on the political nature of persecution or other circumstances, ensuring predictability of the result as well as minimizing risks.
  • Transparency and regularity of reports

    You will be able to easily track the movement of your case.
  • Working with experienced lawyers who speak your language

    All JUST Advisors lawyers have a personal, positive track record of handling international legal matters.

JUST Advisors experts' results

Case 1
JUST Advisors lawyers were approached by an individual entrepreneur who accidentally knew about the initiation of a criminal case for fraud in the Russian Federation in perspective of his commercial activity he had conducted before he left and stopped a couple of years ago.
The lawyers analysed the case file and prepared a request on his behalf to the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files about the existence of an international warrant in the database to extradite a client.
A few months after submitting the request to INTERPOL, the client received a document from which it was clear that the search warrant would not be executed.
The client soon moved to Cyprus without any difficulties.

Case 2
A client received a fine from the police for participating in a peaceful protest.
JUST Advisors lawyers filed a claim with the European Court of Human Rights for violation of basic human rights conventions.
The ECtHR ruled that the domestic courts' ruling on the administrative penalty was unlawful and levied a compensation of 7000 € in favour of the client — the decision is now sent to the competent financial authority for enforcement.

Case 3
A customer had run out of passport issued by a politically persecuted country.
JUST Advisors sought clarification from government authorities and prepared an application to the Department of Migration for humanitarian status.
The client received an internal ID-card with a personal number — this document allows him to stay in the country legally for a long time.
The client feels safe and has all the guarantees of a person under international protection.


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