How to check the status of a citizen of georgia

We are talking about ways to check the status of Georgian citizenship
Anna Davidson, Founder and Managing Partner of JUST Advisors.
July 19, 2021
The status of a citizen of Georgia is confirmed by an identity card (piradoboy), as well as a foreign passport of a citizen of Georgia.
The fastest way to check citizenship is to check the status of one of the documents. This can be done on the website, by selecting the appropriate document. If a person has lost her citizenship, then the document, for example, piradoba will be inactive. This method is simple, but not always 100% correct — for example, a piradoba will be inactive if a person does not have registration at the place of residence (remember, we wrote that de-registration at the place of residence is possible without the knowledge / consent of the registered person).
Therefore, the surest and most reliable way is to apply for a status check to the Agency for the Development of National Services (Agency)
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    A citizen of Georgia can apply for verification of the status of a citizen of Georgia personally or through a representative (the presence of a notarized power of attorney is mandatory) to the Agency for the Development of National Services (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) in Georgia, as well as remotely via Skype
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    To obtain information, it is necessary to know the personal number (ID) of a citizen. An Agency Employee will identify the applicant and provide information about citizenship (including the date of its loss and grounds) during a personal conversation or on the basis of a written request.
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    In case of a written request (including by power of attorney), the deadline for preparing a response to the application is 10 working days, the response is provided free of charge and sent by mail.

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