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Attorneys at JUST Advisors

Discover the requirements for becoming an attorney in Georgia and get acquainted with the attorneys at JUST Advisors.
April 3, 2024

Requirements for Obtaining Attorney Status in Georgia

To become an attorney in Georgia, one must be a citizen of Georgia with a higher legal education, pass an exam, and complete three months of theoretical training and nine months of practical internship under a mentor attorney. After these procedures, the lawyer obtains the status of an attorney, confirmed by registration in the registry of attorneys, and becomes a member of the professional community — the Georgian Bar Association.

Only attorneys can:
  • Act as defense counsel in criminal cases
  • Represent clients' interests in civil and administrative cases in appellate and cassation instances (with the exception of in-house lawyers of companies, who do not require attorney status to participate in courts of all instances)
  • Participate in legal proceedings involving minors (provided that such attorneys have the appropriate authorization)

Categories and Specializations of Attorneys in Georgia

According to the Law of Georgia "On Advocacy," attorneys can be of two categories: attorneys with a general status and specialized attorneys (in civil and criminal law).

Attorneys with a general status have the right to represent and defend clients' interests in criminal/civil/administrative cases, while specialized attorneys specialize EITHER in criminal law OR in civil and administrative law, respectively.

Attorneys specializing in civil or criminal cases can upgrade their status to general at any time by passing the required exams (in criminal or civil law, respectively), undergoing theoretical training, and interning under a mentor attorney in general law.

Attorneys of any category are entitled to handle cases involving minors, but only after undergoing training and passing an additional exam.

Attorneys at JUST Advisors Team

The JUST Advisors team consists of attorneys with general and civil status, most of whom are also authorized to handle cases involving minors, and some are mentor attorneys.

Training of Young Attorneys

JUST Advisors pays special attention to training young attorneys. After passing the exam and theoretical training, a future attorney undergoes an internship under the guidance of an experienced mentor attorney, a member of the JUST Advisors team.

This ensures continuity not only in the professional sphere but also instills in young attorneys the values and standards of JUST Advisors. Mentoring and training in the company go beyond formal programs — it is a continuous process in which every attorney, regardless of status, is both a teacher and a student, creating an environment where knowledge and experience are shared, enriching our practice and strengthening the team.

Professional Principles

At JUST Advisors, we don't just provide legal services - we build partnerships with our clients, helping them navigate complex legal landscapes with confidence and expertise. Our attorneys embody the best traditions of the profession, demonstrating not only a high level of legal competence but also a deep commitment to ethical principles - fundamental to our work.

JUST Advisors is proud of its team of current and future attorneys, who not only provide top-quality legal services but also actively contribute to the development of the profession. We strive to ensure that our work reflects our passion for justice, our dedication to clients, and our desire to make a positive contribution to the establishment of the rule of law.

Taking the oath is an important moment for an attorney, emphasizing their readiness to fulfill their duties with a high level of responsibility and professionalism.

To become a member of the Association of Attorneys, an individual must take the following oath: "I swear to be faithful to the ideals of justice, conscientiously and honestly fulfill the duties of an attorney, abide by the Constitution and laws of Georgia, the Code of Professional Ethics of Attorneys, and the rights and freedoms of man!"

Our Team of Attorneys:

  • Giorgi Zhuzhunashvili
    General practice, mentor attorney, authorized for cases involving minors
  • Eka Inasaridze
    General practice, mentor attorney, authorized for cases involving minors
  • Marina Piduashvili
    Civil specialization, authorized for cases involving minors
  • Sofiko Gugunava
    Civil specialization, authorized for cases involving minors
  • Shalva Giorgadze
    Civil specialization, mentor attorney
  • Miranda Kervalishvili
    Civil specialization, authorized for cases involving minors
  • Mariam Dzhalagoniya
    Intern in General Attorney Practice
JUST Advisors is registered in the registry of attorney firms

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