Georgian Citizenship 2022 — President’s Decision Statistics

June 21, 2023
Nikoloz Gogiashvili, lawyer at JUST Advisors.
Recently, we analyzed the statistics of applications for residence permits (percentage of refusals and issued permits) in Georgia in 2022. How did things go with obtaining citizenship of the country? We requested data from the Agency for the Development of National Services.

Citizenship was granted and restored for 4084 individuals. Among those who applied for citizenship restoration or acquisition, the number of refusals was 3104 (32%).
In exceptional cases, citizenship was granted to 1976 applicants (procedure description - in our article at the link). Citizenship was restored for 2075 individuals (including 22 through the regular process, the rest utilized the temporary right to restoration). The least number of applications and, accordingly, satisfied citizenship requests and refusals were among those who decided to obtain citizenship through naturalization (legally residing in the country for 10 years, knowing the language, history, owning property, and having a job or running a business in Georgia): 3 out of 8 applicants were successful, with 3 more applications under consideration.

In a simplified process (through marriage to a Georgian citizen), 8 requests were approved, 8 were denied, and 13 remained unprocessed.

Figures for previous years were disclosed by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI). Their report indicates that the statistics were provided by the Administration of the President of Georgia. The Agency for the Development of National Services did not publish the data.

The IDFI document states that over the past 5 years, nearly 70% of those who obtained Georgian citizenship (excluding those who restored it) held Russian passports.

Statistics on the provision of Georgian citizenship in 2022

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