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New Rules for Taking Citizenship Exam in Georgia: What Every Candidate Needs to Know

We tell you what has changed since May 1, 2024, in the citizenship exam.
May 2, 2024
Nikoloz Gogiashvili, Lawyer
Giorgi Zhuzhunashvili, Partner, Barister
As of May 1, 2024, new rules for taking the exam on knowledge of the Georgian language, Georgian history, and the fundamentals of constitutional law have come into effect. This exam is mandatory for all foreign citizens seeking to obtain Georgian citizenship. The introduction of the exam was stipulated by the "On Georgian Citizenship" in 2018, and the first exams began in 2020. Updates to the rules reflect the desire to simplify and streamline the process of assessing candidates' knowledge.

What has changed since May 1, 2024?

1. Exam Format

Previously conducted in written form, the exam has now transitioned to an electronic format. This change aims to enhance efficiency and convenience in the process while guaranteeing impartial assessment of results.

2. Exam Appointment Deadlines

The date and time for scheduling the test can now be chosen from available slots in an electronic calendar provided by the Agency. The exam must be taken within 2 months from the registration date. Candidates have the right to change the date and time of the test no later than 48 hours before its commencement.

3. Exam Duration

The exam duration is set at 1 hour, with 20 minutes allocated for answering each of the three groups of questions.

4. Order of Taking the Exam

Unlike the previous practice where a citizenship application was submitted before the exam, it is now mandatory to take the exam before submitting the application. This change aims to ensure that the knowledge of all candidates meets the necessary requirements at the time of application submission.

5. Number of Exam Attempts

Candidates can now take the exam an unlimited number of times. The first attempt is free, while subsequent attempts are subject to a fee. It is important to note that failure to attend the first exam is considered equivalent to failure, and the next attempt will incur a fee.

6. Fees

The first exam attempt is free, while each subsequent attempt costs 40 GEL (or $ 15 when taking the exam at an embassy or consulate abroad).

7. Possibility of Contestation

Applicants dissatisfied with the exam result can appeal it within 3 days.

8. Validity Period of Results

Exam results are valid for 1 year from the date of passing. Additionally, if an applicant is denied citizenship, they can reapply after six months using the same exam results.

Remains Unchanged:

  • The exam consists of three question blocks: Georgian language, Georgian history, and the fundamentals of Georgian constitutional law.
  • Applications can be submitted in person or through a representative acting on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.
  • Applications and/or exams can be completed at the Public Service Hall in Tbilisi or at any Georgian consulate or diplomatic mission abroad.
  • Minors and individuals unable to undergo testing due to health reasons (provided they present a corresponding medical certificate) are exempt from taking the exam.
Taking the exam and undergoing an interview are key stages in the process of obtaining Georgian citizenship. Over 300 candidates successfully passed the exam and confidently underwent interviews in Georgian at JUST Study. If you’ve decided to prepare for the exam consciously, come to JUST for knowledge and confidence in achieving a positive outcome and trust in your abilities.

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