Statistics of residence permits issued in Georgia in 2023

The number of residence permits issued in 2023 was 28,548, the number of refusals was 4,867. A total of 37,451 people applied for residence permits. Accordingly, 76% positive decisions, 13% negative decisions, the rest remained without consideration.
Sopho Khizanishvili, Leading Manager JUST Advisors
February 10, 2024
JUST Advisors has released exclusive data regarding the issuance of residence permits in Georgia in 2023. The number of residence permits issued in 2023 amounted to 28,548, with 4,867 refusals. A total of 37,451 people applied for a residence permit. Accordingly, 76% were granted positive decisions, 13% were negative, and the remainder were left unprocessed.
For comparison, in 2022, there were 21,650 positive decisions and 4,114 negative decisions. A total of 25,764 people applied for a residence permit. Accordingly, 84% of decisions were positive, and 16% were negative.

We made a request to the Agency for the Development of National Services of Georgia and received an official response with data on the results of the consideration of residence permit applications in Georgia in 2023, and here is what we obtained:

Statistics of positively and negatively concluded cases from applications received by the Agency for the issuance of residence permits in Georgia

(from January 1, 2023, to December 20, 2023)

*The data includes all types of residence permits (RPs), including extensions of previously issued RPs and RPs issued based on a court decision to overturn a refusal of residence permit (RP).
As in previous years, the majority of residence permits (RPs) were issued based on reasons related to education or employment. The number of refusals for employment RPs slightly decreased to 29.4% compared to 31% refusal rate for this category in 2022 (note that the Agency includes under employment RPs obtained by foreign specialists based on an employment contract, as well as RPs obtained by foreign individual entrepreneurs).

However, the number of refusals for short-term RPs (based on property ownership valued at $100,000 or more) slightly increased to 33.3% compared to 32% refusals received for this category in 2022.

Overall, official statistics indicate that residence permits in Georgia continue to be actively issued to foreign citizens. The grounds for obtaining them have not changed. Here is a compilation of materials where you can learn in detail about the grounds for obtaining residence permits in Georgia, as well as the rules and requirements for submitting documents:

You can view the residence permit issuance statistics for the period from 2014 to 2021 in our article.
The JUST Advisors team comprises experienced immigration law specialists. You can always turn to us for consultations regarding residence permit acquisition and related services (such as applying for a Schengen visa, tax office registration, obtaining tax resident status). We are ready to provide comprehensive legal support at all stages, including appealing refusals in obtaining residence permits with the relevant authorities.

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