Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

CFO not only provides accounting and analysis, but gives a holistic view on the financial structure of your business. We guarantee clarity in management reporting, regular analytical reviews, as well as implementation of modern financial planning methods for complete control over your finances.
Reporting transparency

— Set up data synchronization between accounting and management accounting
— Develop management reporting forms (CF, PL, BS) with customized analytics of projects, articles, contractors and employees
Regular business analysis

— Calculate project margins and employee efficiency
— Provide recommendations and monitor their implementation
Automation and financial planning
— Introduce budgeting and planning system, plan-fact analysis for complete control over income and expenses and eliminating cash gaps
— Audit systems (accounting databases, CRM, ERP). Provide recommendations for their improvement to automate management accounting. If necessary, select new software products, write technical specifications for contractors, hold tenders, and comprehensively support implementation
Negotiation of contracts
— Analyze and coordinate income and expense contracts, ensuring their compliance with the budget and payment calendar
Feasibility analysis and investment control
— For potential investors: conduct investment analysis of potential projects and business areas, draw up financial models with key indicators (NPV, IRR, payback period), provide recommendations based on the results
— For business owners: compile and monitor the execution of financial models, regularly monitor business profitability for compliance with target indicators
— Interact with external auditors and consultants, including when conducting an audit of financial statements under IFRS and preparing assessment reports
Cost: from 7,500 GEL per month + VAT
  • Includes:
  • — Regular preparation of management reporting in a customized form and at a frequency agreed with the client
  • — Analysis of business areas, projects, teams, individual employees based on prepared management reporting
For Investor
Cost: upon request
  • Includes:
  • — Preparation of financial models of potential projects with calculation of key indicators (NPV, IRR, payback period), provision of recommendations based on the results
  • — Updating and upgrading of existing financial models for a specific project or portfolio of projects, regular monitoring and control of key business indicators for compliance with targets
  • — Representing interests of the client when working with external auditors and consultants: for the purpose of their conducting statutory audits, including reporting under IFRS, and preparing other reports


Many entrepreneurs lack resources and skills to confidently handle financial management on their own.

Structuring all contracts and payments, immersion in reporting, difficulties in analyzing effectiveness of projects (current and prospective) and long-term planning are often a real challenge for a business owner.

The JUST Advisors team assumes the complex role of the CFO of your company, providing transparent management reporting, up-to-date calculation of project margins, employee effectiveness and regular monitoring of key business parameters for compliance with your targets.

Management accounting automation and lined up financial planning system will allow you to gain full control over income and expenses, making financial management transparent and efficient.

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We establish the financial management process and keep it in working order

  • Transparency and regularity of reporting

    Will allow you to systematize and easily track financial flows in the company
  • Timely recommendations

    From our experts, based on the results of reporting analysis, will make it possible to quickly respond to the changes and optimize business processes
  • Automation

    Will help to speed up the process of management reporting preparation and make the planning and budgeting process faster and more convenient, providing complete control over income and expenses, as well as minimizing risks of financial difficulties (cash gaps, etc.)
  • Negotiation of contracts

    In accordance with the budget and payment calendar, will maintain stability of financial flows and minimize possible legal risks
  • Feasibility analysis and investment control

    Will enable owners and investors to make informed decisions about entering new projects and successfully develop existing investment portfolios

Results of JUST Advisors’ experts

In anticipation of the 2024 budget campaign, a consulting firm contacted JUST Advisors with a request to set up management analytics and reporting forms, as well as to analyze margins of its services and effectiveness of each employee for 9 months of 2023, providing recommendations for business development.
The JUST Advisors team prepared PL and CF forms based on the client’s accounting data and CRM-system, developed a methodology and described how to use them in the future, provided recommendations for optimizing the CRM-system to optimize and speed up collection of management reporting, and also selected contractors for implementing changes.

Based on the results of the margin analysis, the company’s key services and employees at this stage were identified. JUST Advisors described a vision of how it would be possible to manage the composition of services and their prices in the future, as well as how to distribute workload so that the company’s expenses on employee remuneration were justified.
Already in Q4 2023, the consulting company increased its average monthly net profit by 15% due to focus on key services and increased employee loyalty with a new motivation system.

To provide reliable, transparent and auditable consolidated financial statements for investors in an expanding group of agricultural companies.
Having agreed with the client on the number of companies in the management perimeter, the period for which reporting is needed, as well as having received and analyzed the necessary data from the client’s accounting and ERP systems, the JUST Advisors team began collecting PL and CF forms in analytics required for four companies of the group for five years: stand-alone and consolidated.
Potential investors were provided with financial statements of the group of companies for five years. Based on it, they decided on the amount of investment in its development.

A mobile game development company with offices in four jurisdictions, including Georgia, approached JUST Advisors with a request to create its financial structure. Its absence, in particular in the form of systematic management accounting, control over the terms of expenditure contracts and project budgets, led to a sharp decrease in net profit and a high probability of cash shortages. This worried the owners and top management, who had to quickly make management decisions without their own competencies to collect and analyze data.

In addition, over the past year the company has opened two new offices in countries where IFRS reporting and external auditing are required. The client does not have employees capable of doing this competently and on time.
The JUST Advisors team compiled consolidated management reports for the client’s last three years of operations, focusing on the allocation of employees and project costs to identify the reasons for the deterioration in financial results, and made appropriate recommendations for the short and medium term.

Also, the JUST Advisors team is now responsible for all client’s functionality in terms of finance, including regular preparation of a management reporting package and payment calendar, coordination of all contracts (income and expense) and interaction with counterparties (including accounts receivable management), work with external auditors and consultants on all issues related to reporting under IFRS.
The development company has a strategy for solving the financial difficulties and plans to cope with them within six months.

A group of business partners, experienced in construction of residential and commercial real estate abroad, was considering the possibility of entering the Georgian market: they had already held all necessary negotiations with the current owners and selected three sites for future construction in different regions of the country. The partners turned to JUST Advisors for help in choosing the most suitable site in terms of key investment indicators (NPV, IRR, payback period) and calculating the exact amount of shareholders' own investments.
The JUST Advisors team conducted best use analysis, taking into account the characteristics of the real estate market in specific regions and the land plots themselves, and also compiled financial models of three construction projects.
JUST Advisors provided their opinion on the most profitable project and the amount of initial investments. The clients moved to the next stage of negotiations with the land owners and solving legal issues, in which they are also supported by JUST Advisors.


JUST Advisors also provides comprehensive legal services for companies. Our team of lawyers and experienced accountants collaborates with tax consultants and auditors, ensuring double protection for your business
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