Corporate Law And M&A Transactions (Mergers And Acquisitions)

Providing legal protection and effective management of corporate structures and transactions: company formation, drafting individual bylaws and shareholder/partnership agreements, developing management structure, deadlock resolution rules, legal consultations on corporate matters, legal due diligence, assessment of legal risks, and development of business acquisition transaction strategies, drafting merger agreements, share/ownership purchase agreements, transaction support
Corporate Law
Company registration and establishment. Development of founding documents and internal organizational rules. Preparation and facilitation of share or ownership transactions. Resolution of conflicts among shareholders or participants. Legal consultations
M&A Transactions
Conducting detailed business analysis and evaluation for acquisition or merger. Preparation of documents (merger, acquisition, or share sale agreements, etc.). Representing client interests in negotiations.
Assessment of legal risks and development of transaction strategies. Legal support and compliance with legislation
Legal Due Diligence
Analysis of founding documents and legal status of the company. Verification of compliance with laws and other regulations concerning company activities. Assessment of legal risks and obligations related to transactions and activities. Expertise
Corporate Secretary
Document management, storage, and updating of official company documents (founding documents, shareholder/partner meeting minutes, etc.). Organization and facilitation of shareholder/partner meetings and conferences. Ensuring company compliance with legal requirements
Comprehensive Legal services
JUST Advisors also provides comprehensive legal services for companies. Our team of lawyers and experienced accountants collaborates with tax consultants and auditors, ensuring double protection for your business
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