Conflict Resolution, Administrative Dispute Resolution And Legal Representation In Court

Protection of interests in administrative and judicial authorities in Georgia, international defense (ECHR, INTERPOL, European Commission of Human Rights). Enforcement of foreign court decisions on the territory of Georgia. Mediation, arbitration
Court disputes over debt recovery and enforcement of obligations
Protection of employer’s interests in disputes with employees regarding reinstatement at work
Appealing administrative fines (including judicial appeal)

Tax disputes

Legalization of foreign court decisions and enforcement of foreign court decisions on the territory of Georgia,
as well as enforcement of Georgian court decisions abroad
Alternative methods of dispute resolution

Arbitration, mediation, international courts

In any conflict, both sides lose, and we prefer not to escalate our clients' cases to a dispute

However, if a conflict arises, the legal experts at JUST Advisors will provide representation and protect the interests of your company

Upon your request, we perform all actions without your participation by proxy issued in your country of citizenship in your language

You submit an inquiry or contact us through any convenient method for you
We discuss the situation with you, assess it from the perspective of effective strategies and protection prospects, and evaluate the feasibility of enforcing a court decision
We establish a contract, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and assign an attorney with expertise in litigation to represent your interests
We gather evidence, prepare the lawsuit, and other necessary procedural documents
We represent your interests in every court session and during negotiations, clearly and persuasively presenting your position to opponents, the court, and mediators
We provide comprehensive legal and emotional support from the moment you reach out to us, advocating on your behalf until achieving the desired outcome
Comprehensive Legal services
JUST Advisors also provides comprehensive legal services for companies. Our team of lawyers and experienced accountants collaborates with tax consultants and auditors, ensuring double protection for your business
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