Maintaining accounting and tax records for companies and individual entrepreneurs

Stable operation and sustainable business development with comprehensive accounting support from the JUST Advisors team: impeccable accounting, tax planning, accurate tax calculation, and timely submission of tax, statistical, and financial reports. Communication with tax authorities, banks, and statistical agencies is our responsibility.
What we do
Maintaining accounting records: Oris, Balance, 1C, Fina
Calculation and payment of salaries and related payments (bonuses, income tax, insurance)
Organization of payment transactions
Issuing invoices, payment orders, and settling bills
Preparation and submission of reports
Tax declarations, reports to statistical authorities, financial statements (IV category)
Representation of interests
At the Revenue Service, commercial banks, Sakstat, customs service.
Control of accounts receivable and accounts payable
Checking the submission of primary documents in the tax office, payment control, and preparation of reconciliation statements.
Primary documents for tax reporting
Preparation and processing of invoices and waybills.
Internal audit during preparation for inspections
Restoration of accounting records, verification and submission of amended declarations, risk assessment.
Tax calculation and planning
Taking into account various types of activities and working with foreign suppliers and contractors (including double taxation and refundable VAT).
Consultations on accounting matters
Personalized recommendations and strategies for taxation and accounting that align with your needs and goals.

The lack of systematization in accounting often leads to unjustified expenses, violations of tax legislation, and overall instability in the company's financial sphere.

Comprehensive accounting support ensures systematic accounting and timely, accurate, and planned compliance with tax obligations to eliminate financial risks and maintain a stable financial condition for your business.


Your business will be serviced by a team of professionals: an accountant, a tax consultant, and a tax lawyer

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We will coordinate an optimal package of accounting services
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basic service PackageS

The selected package of services will be precisely tailored to your business needs — the cost may vary.

Basic Service Package


— Setting up and maintaining accounting records

— Checking primary accounting documents prepared by the Client or its counterparties, issuing recommendations for their correction

— Development of necessary primary accounting document forms

— Calculation of taxes and other mandatory deductions

— Preparation and submission of tax returns

— Notification of the tax authority about hiring and dismissal of employees

— Preparation and submission of reports to Sakstat

— Preparation and submission of financial statements for SARAS (if the company falls under category IV). For companies in categories III, II, or I, the cost of financial statement preparation services will be agreed upon separately

— Representing the Client's interests in communication with Banks, tax authorities, counterparties, auditing companies

— Monitoring the Client's debt for providing primary documents

— Monitoring accounts payable/receivable (weekly)

— Formation of an archive of primary documents

— Preparation of payment orders, including for salary, taxes, and other mandatory payments, payments to counterparties

— Conducting banking operations, including payment of taxes and other mandatory payments, salaries, and other payments

— Issuing invoices, waybills, and invoices to the Client's counterparties

— Preparation, in a form agreed with the Client, of a report on the receipt and expenditure of funds

— Other actions within the proper management of the Client's accounting and tax accounting

— Current consultation with the Client on accounting and tax matters related to its activities



Package "Starter" - $120 per month

For companies - non-VAT payer

— number of invoices per month - up to 2

— number of operations - 0

Package "Basic" - from $450 per month

For companies - non-VAT payer

— number of invoices per month - up to 10

— number of operations - up to 50

Package "Basic + VAT" - from $750 per month

For companies - VAT payer

— number of invoices per month - up to 10

— number of operations - up to 50

Additional operations and invoices beyond the package:


— From 50 to 300 operations - $55 for every 50 operations

— Over 300 operations - $220 plus $1 for each operation


— 11-50 invoices - $7 per employee

— 51-100 invoices - $5 per employee

— Over 100 invoices - $2.5 per employee

Sure, here are the translated basic packages of Accounting Services developed by JUST Advisors for various types of businesses:
— IT Companies
— Manufacturing Companies
— Medical Institutions
— Marketplaces
— HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe)
— Educational Institutions
— International Companies
— Virtual Zone Companies
— PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Companies

"Death and taxes are inevitable." - Benjamin Franklin
We philosophically accept the former, while professionally calculating the latter for your peace of mind and comfort.

As an independent division within the structure of JUST Advisors, we have established a specialized department entirely dedicated to comprehensive accounting and tax management for companies and individual entrepreneurs.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, crafting individual accounting and reporting strategies that meet their requirements.

The JUST Advisors team possesses deep knowledge in accounting and tax law, and we constantly stay updated with changes in legislation and business practices to provide our clients with relevant and competent support.

JUST Advisors experts' results

Case 1
Accounting Support for an IT Company
An IT company, a subsidiary of an international IT holding, approached Just Advisors for accounting and tax reporting services. The company has over 120 employees and is classified as an "international company" with a special tax regime. The task was not only about maintaining accounting records but also about adapting accounting processes from Georgian standards to global standards and requirements.
Our specialists developed a comprehensive approach that included:
— Payroll management: We optimized the payroll calculation process, taking into account different currencies and a complex bonus system.
—Tax planning: Working with international and local tax laws, we carefully studied double taxation agreements and structured tax obligations to ensure full compliance.
— Leasing and additional payment accounting: The complex structure of leasing relationships and additional preferences was integrated into the accounting system for accurate and transparent financial representation.
— Interaction with foreign contractors: We streamlined the process of calculations with foreign contractors, ensuring legal compliance of transactions and efficiency in VAT refunds.
This comprehensive approach not only ensured impeccable accounting for our client but also contributed to strengthening its position in the international market, demonstrating transparency, reliability, and compliance with the highest standards of financial reporting.

Case 2:
Optimization of Restaurant Accounting
When a restaurant with over five years of history and previous experience working with multiple accountants and firms approached JustAdvisors, we faced a unique challenge: to continue and optimize the existing accounting. The restaurant business has specific accounting requirements due to its nature, which includes production, procurement, and serving a large number of customers.
We took on this challenge and successfully addressed it.
— Optimization of procurement and cash accounting: We developed a system that accurately tracks product purchases, even with cash transactions in the market, ensuring full transparency and cost control.
— Adaptation to the specifics of the restaurant business: Restaurant accounting requires attention to detail in production records, recipes, and waste management. We implemented a system that efficiently manages these aspects, including regular inventory checks.
— Efficient financial management: Collaborative work between our managers and accountants not only ensured impeccable accounting but also significantly reduced expenses while maintaining full control over the restaurant's financial state.
The JUST Advisors team adapted our approach to the unique business requirements during the transition from previous accounting services and ensured effective and cost-efficient financial management.


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