Preparing For The Georgian Citizenship Exam

Teaching Georgian language, preparing for Georgian language/history/fundamentals of law tests using a proprietary method, both individually and in groups. Practice exercises and preparation for oral interviews in the Georgian language are also included
Since 2018, significant changes have been made to the Law of Georgia on Citizenship of Georgia. All applicants for citizenship now have to know Georgian language, the history of Georgia and the basics of constitutional law. The exam includes 30 questions, 10 questions in each discipline, and the applicant must correctly answer at least 7 questions. The total number of exam questions in each subject exceeds 200
JUST Study offers high-quality preparation for the citizenship exam in three subjects: Georgian language, history of Georgia, and fundamentals of Georgian law
Our unique methodology ensures that candidates achieve the required level of proficiency in the Georgian language exam, which comprises 10 questions and is essential for obtaining Georgian citizenship
JUST Study offers professional preparation for the oral interview with the Citizenship Commission in the Georgian language
We provide comprehensive training for the history of Georgia and the fundamentals of constitutional law exams, both of which are essential for obtaining Georgian citizenship. These exams consist of 20 questions each

The course is based on a proprietary methodology designed to help you:

1) Acquire knowledge in the scope of examination questions.
2) Develop skills for taking the exam in a multiple-choice format, in accordance with Georgian legal requirements.
3) Develop skills for successfully passing the oral interview, considering the interview structure and frequently asked questions.

Session format

  • Online sessions on the Zoom platform.
  • Small group (4-6 people).
  • Weekly schedule: 2 sessions per week, each lasting 90 minutes (1.5 hours).

Course duration

2 to 4.5 months, taking into account the language proficiency level of the group.

Language proficiency level is determined through an individual interview with the instructor.

Cost and payment procedure

Payment can be made in US dollars, Georgian lari, or Russian rubles based on the exchange rate of the US dollar to the Georgian lari set by the National Bank of Georgia at the time of payment
Online Test Simulator (Georgian language, history of Georgia, fundamentals of Georgian law)
Available for the entire preparation period
  • An excellent opportunity for self-assessment of acquired knowledge
  • Analysis of results and working on mistakes
Enables efficient reinforcement of acquired knowledge within a condensed timeframe and a well-prepared approach to the test-taking
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Individual sessions
Is arranged after the interview
  • The format of exam preparation, as well as the duration and cost of the sessions, will be determined based on the interview results with the educator. This assessment takes into account your proficiency in the Georgian language and the intensity of your exam preparation.
  • The interview is conducted for free via Zoom
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Over 300 successful citizenship exams (excluding citizenship restoration exams)

You will learn and love the Georgian language and the history of our country, and passing the exam successfully will be a pleasant addition.

Our students achieve impressive results on the exam, even if they didn't possess basic knowledge of the Georgian language, the country's history, and law at the beginning of their studies. Lessons are conducted online, providing convenience and flexibility in learning.
JUST Study collaborates with experienced philologists and specialists in teaching Georgian as a foreign language, offering a personalized approach to each student.

For over four years, we have been providing services to assist in obtaining and restoring citizenship, along with preparing individuals for exams and interviews. Our distinctive proprietary methodology, developed by JUST Study instructors, is suitable for those who intend to prepare effectively and consciously in a short period, regardless of their level of knowledge in the Georgian language, and confidently achieve a positive outcome.

You can also prepare for the exams independently as the test questions are publicly available.
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