Document Restoration, Acquisition, And Processing

We can assist in restoring or obtaining documents (or their duplicates) in Georgia, and, if necessary, provide apostille and legalization services
Birth / death certificate
Marriage or divorce certificate
Certificate of no impediments to marriage
Certificate of no marriage registered in Georgia
Citizenship certificate

Certificate of no debt to the budget
Certificate of no criminal convictions
Certificate confirming employment history
Border crossing certificate

If the information or document exists in Georgia, we will find it. Sometimes, it seems like we know all of Georgia's archives and archivists :)

We change cities and countries, move from place to place, change surnames; we often overlook a changed letter in a surname or a mistakenly entered birthdate in a document. We lose documents and remember their critical importance when there's almost no time left for recovery.

We know what it's like, having experienced a single history of searching and recovering documents with our clients.

This service can be provided based on a power of attorney issued in your country of residence. We will ensure timely delivery of original documents from Georgia to any country in the world.
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