Obtaining Georgian Citizenship

We provide consultations, support in document preparation, and represent your interests before relevant authorities
What is included in the service?
Consultation and assessment of Grounds
Consultation on matters related to the grounds and procedures for obtaining (restoring or retaining) Georgian citizenship. Assessment of the client's situation in terms of eligibility for acquiring citizenship
Document search, application submission
Filling out an application for citizenship, collecting and drawing up documents. Organizing the application submission
Monitoring application status

Monitoring the stages of application review, filing additional documents and clarifications to the employees of the Agency
Citizenship exam

Preparation for taking tests on Georgian language, history, fundamentals of law using an original methodology, individually and in groups. Practice exercises, preparation for oral interviews in Georgian language

We save your time and emotions. We do not guarantee citizenship, but we eliminate all possible errors in preparing the case and submitting documents

Every day, we study new cases, analyze the practice of the Citizenship Commission, and shape judicial practices.

Our team of experienced migration lawyers individually approaches each client, studying their history and connections to Georgia, in order to assist in forming a complete and well-founded set of documents and attachments to the application.

Filling out the application for citizenship is done using the form provided by the National Agency of Public Registry of Georgia.

Collecting and drawing up all necessary documents includes archival searches and requests to foreign states. Documents can be submitted by proxy from the client.

We are ready to offer you comprehensive support and professional assistance at every stage of obtaining Georgian citizenship.
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