Obtaining permanent residency (permanent residency permit) in Georgia

Obtaining permanent residency in Georgia: consultation regarding eligibility for obtaining permanent residency, preparation or review of documents, submission of documents (including by proxy), monitoring of the application process, appealing denial of permanent residency through legal proceedings if necessary
What is included in the service?
Discussing possibilities

We discuss real scenarios for obtaining a residence permit based on your situation
Discussing the action plan

We provide consultations regarding the procedure itself and the required documents
Collection and preparation of documents
We assist in collecting and preparing the necessary documents

Support until permanent residency is granted
We guide the submission of documents to the Public Registry and monitor their processing

We are by your side from the moment you have a question about permanent residency until the moment you obtain it

In accordance with the legislation, 10 years of continuous residency (except for student residency and related categories) as well as marriage to a Georgian citizen grant the right to obtain permanent residence status.

Our team of immigration lawyers will assist you throughout the entire process of obtaining permanent residency in Georgia, ensuring a hassle-free experience, streamlining the process, and saving your time.

Together, we will prepare and submit the necessary documents, ensuring no mistakes are made. After obtaining permanent residency, a Piradoba (identity card) will be issued for 5 years. Further extensions of the Piradoba can be done online via power of attorney.

Trust us with the process of obtaining permanent residency, and we will provide you with high-quality legal support, confidence, and success in achieving your goal.
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