Obtaining A Temporary Residency Permit In Georgia

Obtaining a temporary residency permit in Georgia: consultation regarding eligibility for obtaining temporary residency, preparation or review of documents, submission of documents (including by proxy), monitoring of the application process, appealing denial of temporary residency through legal proceedings if necessary
What is included in the service?
Assessing the eligibility

Evaluation of the client's case, presence of sufficient documents, the connection with Georgia in terms of the application review practice by the Agency for Development of Services and judicial appeal practices
Preparing a set of documents
Preparation of the required
Preparation of the required documents (including copies, translations, certificates, appraiser or auditor reports, recommendations), completion of the application form, accompanying the client to the House of Justice or submitting documents via power of attorney (the applicant's presence in Georgia at this moment is mandatory)
Support until the temporary residency permit is granted

Monitoring the application review process, providing additional documents, clarifications, and ensuring the timely progress of application stages. Obtaining a Binadrobis (ID number card) and registration at the place of residence
Appeal of the temporary residency permit denial

Assessment of the justification of the denial by an immigration attorney, development of a defense strategy, preparation and filing of a lawsuit, participation in court hearings at all instances

We will provide comprehensive legal support from the moment you have a question about obtaining the residency permit in Georgia until you actually obtain it

The immigration lawyers at JUST Advisors provide comprehensive support at every stage of the process for obtaining the temporary residency permit in Georgia. Our goal is to leverage our knowledge of legislation and practices to simplify the entire process for the client, eliminate errors, ensure compliance with immigration authorities' requirements, and achieve the desired outcome.

After submitting the documents, we actively monitor the progress of your application and oversee its stages. If any delays or issues arise, we take all necessary actions to resolve them and ensure a successful completion of the temporary residency permit procedure.

Our support is not limited to just obtaining the temporary residency permit. We can also assist in extending the temporary residency permit, modifying stay conditions, or transitioning to obtaining permanent residency (PMV) if you meet the requirements, such as 10 years of continuous residence under the temporary residency permit.


Type of the temporary residency permit: short-term (usually 6 months — 1 year)

Procedure and timeline/cost:
1. Registration of a sole proprietor (SP) at the House of Justice + tax registration + bank account opening: ½ day / 75 GEL.
2. Ensuring a turnover of at least 50,000 GEL (18,000 USD) for the company (SP), confirmed by a Revenue Service certificate.
3. Obtaining the temporary residency permit:
— 30 days / 300 GEL;
— 20 days / 450 GEL;
— 10 days / 600 GEL.
4. Obtaining a Binadrobis (registration and ID card):
— 10 business days / 60 GEL;
— 5 business days / 80 GEL;
— 3 business days / 100 GEL;
— 2 business days / 120 GEL;
— same day / 150 GEL.
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