Real Estate Transactions

Comprehensive legal support for the transaction: developer/seller due diligence, property inspection, deal structuring and calculations, contract drafting, transaction registration, consultation on transaction taxation and real estate rights
What is included in the service?
Property inspection

Verification of encumbrances and liens, legality of acquisition, conformity to Public Registry data regarding area, inclusion/exclusion in the registry of historical and cultural heritage sites, technical expertise
Seller verification

Owner's rights, marital status, rights of minors, management authorities for companies
Deal structuring

Mortgage agreement, main contract, payment procedure, mortgage removal, foreclosure purchases, contract registration, and encumbrance registration
Lease agreement drafting
Verification of the property and owner, technical audit for utilization purposes, terms regarding termination and deposit return, assurances of consistent rental payments
Acquisition of a land plot
Verification of the land plot and owner, assessment of foreign acquisition eligibility, ownership structure recommendations, contract drafting, and registration in the registry
Buying an apartment in a new building
Verification of the developer (registry of debtors, bankruptcy, reputation), property (land allocation, construction permit, adherence to timelines), review and negotiation of contracts with the developer (preliminary agreement, purchase and sale agreement, management agreement), signing and registration of contracts in the Public Registry
Real estate-related disputes
Termination of lease and purchase agreements, breach of construction timelines and/or quality, misrepresentation during property purchase
Ancillary services

Consultations on transaction taxation and real estate rights, short-term and investment residence permits, registration at the place of residence, property management

Legal support of a real estate transaction in Georgia is the guarantor of your peace of mind!

We have significant experience in executing successful transactions at various stages, including the acquisition of properties under construction, luxury apartments with the Seller's debt obligations, apartments in the New Gudauri and Orbi Group resort projects, as well as the structuring of complex rental obligations.

We are proud of a number of successful cases in which we were able to realize complex rental obligations. Thanks to our long-term partnerships with certified auditors, appraisers, designers, cadastral engineers, brokers and designers, we guarantee a complete and comprehensive service in all aspects of real estate transactions.

We are ready to solve any problems in the field of real estate, even remotely, based on the power of attorney received from you. We also provide online consultations and detailed reports for your convenience.
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