JUST Summer

Summer with JUST Advisors: special offers for businesses and individuals from the lawyers and accountants at JUST Advisors. Solve all the legal and accounting issues that have accumulated, saving energy, time and budget. JUST Summer is the time to close gestalts!

All summer long

Subject advice on legal, tax, accounting issues

Knowledge, vast practice, ability to understand clients' needs and speak the same language with them make JUST Advisors lawyers and accountants unique guides of lawfulness and peace of mind in your life. Experts will analyze the case and offer a legal solution to the problem, will tell you in detail how the laws of Georgia apply to your individual situation.
Company registration and relations with partners, taxes, tax planning and filing of returns, employment and dismissal of employees, grounds for citizenship or residence permit, applying for citizenship or residence permit, buying land or apartments, making a will and receiving an inheritance — you can get a full overview of these and other topics at a substantive consultation.
300₾ 180₾

Preservation + restoration of citizenship as a gift

The Organic Law of Georgia "On Citizenship" provides grounds for retention and restoration of citizenship — this possibility is valid until December 31, 2024.
Migration lawyers of JUST Advisors will help you to understand the subtleties of legal formulations in your case, assess the existence of grounds for restoration or retention of citizenship, determine the package of necessary documents and collect it, fill out the application together with you and, if necessary, submit it to the House of Justice by power of attorney. If retention of citizenship is denied, we will accompany the citizenship restoration process as a gift. Use the summer to your advantage — procrastination can cost your citizenship!
2250₾ 1500₾
For business

Registration of a sole proprietorship

Start your business confidently and quickly with JUST Advisors: we will accompany the registration of a turnkey sole proprietorship and provide preparation of all summer tax returns for small businesses.
Advice on choosing a line of business, registering a sole proprietorship with the House of Justice, packing a tax office, obtaining small business status, detailed advice on taxation and contractual architecture of your business specifically — what it takes to run a business. The business is your business. Making sure it’s legitimate is JUST Advisors' business.
1050₾ 630₾

Gentleman’s kit for business: 3 contracts for the price of 1

Is your business gaining momentum and it’s time to move from agreements to contracts? Are you working with templates "from your past life" that you are not sure are up to date? Come to JUST Advisors — we know how to draft a contract so that it complies with the law and takes your interests into account. The right contract will allow you to demand precise fulfillment of your obligations and save your business from possible lengthy legal disputes and financial losses.
JUST Advisors makes a unique offer — three basic contracts, individually tailored to the company’s needs, for the price of one: employment contract + director’s contract + service agreement — create a solid legal framework for your business with JUST Advisors
2250₾ 750₾
For private individuals
Property tax declaration
You don’t want to put off filing last year’s estate tax return until November if you can do it today.
Do you have real estate in Georgia, but doubt whether you need to pay tax? How to determine income and property value for tax calculation? How to get a tax number if you are a non-resident of Georgia? What happens if you do not pay tax?
750₾ 450₾
Spread the word this summer - JUST Advisors' tax attorneys will tell you all about the estate tax, and your accountant will prepare and file your estate tax return. There's nothing better than sleeping soundly knowing your taxes are paid. Experts will make sure all documents are filled out correctly, ensure compliance with all tax law requirements, and minimize your tax risks.

Summer with JUST Advisors is the time to take action!

Don’t put important matters on hold. Summer is the perfect time to close all the legal matters you’ve been putting off for a long time. With our professional approach and exclusive summer offers, you can do it easily, calmly and with maximum benefit.

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The mission of JUST Advisors is to ensure that our clients' business and personal affairs are conducted lawfully in Georgia.

We also try to raise the level of legal literacy of the country’s residents. You can find a lot of useful information on our website and social media pages: we are happy to tell you about legal, tax and accounting cases, new laws and practical examples.